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My name is Jason and I just joined Live Journal and this group. I've worked in the fashion industry as well as the entertainment industry, most notably for one of the talent agencies in Beverly Hills [CAA, William Morris, UTA, ICM, or Endeavor. I worked at one of those agencies]. I currently quit everything and focusing on screenwriting and filmmaking for a two year period of time. I am also a photographer, mostly proficient in b&w portraitures. If anyone needs some information or advice feel free to add me, email, or just post a question here and I'll try to answer for you. Be forewarn, if you're unable to take the advice or criticism please don't ask. I'm simply gonna tell you what to expect from my experience, I can be wrong. But please understand what I say is just to help you prepare for what you will face and hopefully overcome.

Oh and I am also classically trained as an actor as well.
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