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Hey guys! I need your advice. I wrote a scene for my drama1 class and I need some help with acting (I play the girl).
Here's the script:

Frank is a manager of printing company, Joe is his boss. Daisy is Frank's ex-lover who still loves him. Recently she became very rich after her husband died.

Pre-set. Frank and Joe are sitting in the cafe. Joe is smoking.
Joe: Business is not going well.
Frank: Don't worry. It will all work out.
Joe: (heavily breathes) I'm afraid it will not. We need new machines  to get productions to high level- otherwise, our company will be shut down in a few weeks.
Frank: But...
Joe: It's over, Frank! You have got to have money. Nothing but money will save us. Have a good day.
(Picks up his hat from the table, leaves the sigarette and goes away. Frank is sitting there, totally confused, realizing that his career can be ruined unless he gets money in a few days.)
Daisy walks in, sees him, but pretends that she didn't notice him. Turns around and orders a cup of coffee. She drinks it for a few seconds, then Frank notices her and comesto her table. She gets nervous but tries to hide her nervousness.
Frank: Bonjour, my lady!
Daisy: Oh, bonjour, Frank.
Frank: Do you want anything? I'm bying.
Daisy: No, thanks.
(Long pause)
Frank: I have not heard about you much lately.
Daisy. Neither have I.
Frank: What have you been doing for the last two years that I haven't seen you? I've been worried.
Daisy: You didn't have to. Since George died, I've been doing great! His inheritance has been taking a good care of me. I'm just fine! (It's obvious that she lies, but definitely not about money).
Frank: (Quietly, very delicate) Haven't you felt alone? Just a little bit?
Daisy: NO...
Frank: Not at all? I bet you miss him... Don't you?
Daisy: Stop it! (Explodes). YOU must know perfectly that I hated him! I was waiting till I was 25, till I met him and married his money!!! I had  no idea what I would get - 5 years in prison, without any life, any freedom, love...LOVE! (She faints). Go away, Frank!
Frank: Don't even try to trick yourself!
Daisy: What are you talking about?!!
Frank: Come on, Daizy. You know what I'm talking about.
Daisy: Damn you, Frank! GO AWAY!
Frank: I've missed you a lot. I don't want to go away. I want to be here, with you.
Daisy: (covers her face with her hands) Don't start it...
Frank: Don't you remember those days? When we were happy together?
Daisy: Were we? (sarcastically, almost not believing)
Frank: Yes, we were, and those days were the happiest time in my life. I wish it would never end...
Daisy: ("wakes up", explodes again): I wish I could FORGET the end! How do you think I felt then??? When I found out you lied to me??? Do you remember? What's with the girl from the cafe??? Suppose, you suddenly felt happier with her?!! I was so kind to you! And you were stealing from me! Didn't you get enough?
Frank: Here (Signs a check)
Daisy: What is it? (Surprised, but still angry)
Frank: All the money I owe you, down to the last penny. Besides that, the only way you'll know I've changed is by good faith. (Breathes) I want you to know that now I'm a completely different person. I understood how foolish I was . I've really changed since then. Just...just take it, just give me a chance, Daisy, and you will see that I'm telling the truth.
Daisy: (Tired) I don't believe you.
Frank: You will, eventually (He says it also admitting her weakness for him, bit she got so excited that she doesn't notice).
Daisy: (Confused and lost) I don't know...
Frank: Well... That's your choise, Daisy. I won't push you unless you are willing to trust me. (Suddenly becomes indifferent, pretends that he's gonna go away, but he walks away slowly)
Daisy: ("wakes up") WAIT!!!
(Frank smirks like he exactly knew that it would happen.)
Frank (with a triumphant smile) Yes???
Daisy: I... I'll give you a second chance. If you've changed... (breathes) it's a worth trying (Happily smiles).
Frank: I was hoping you would understand me. I promise you, Daisy, with me you will not have a reason to worry.
(He gives her his hand, they both smile; Daisy looks happy, a little bit guilty, but satisfied. She doesn't seem to notice that there's a cruel smirk on Frank's lips...)

I need some adice - Frank is triumohant, and Daisy doen't notice it (of course - she wanted to believe, and she believed him). But the audience MUST notice that he is lying to her. Any suggestions???

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