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How Much Can You Really Earn as a Working Actor?

Last week I received a mysterious video in the mail along with a note asking that I review it for potential inclusion at my store. I was skeptical because I've never seen a good acting video.

However, after a few minutes, I was hooked. One of the first segments answered a question I had been thinking about lately: What are actors REALLY making these days? We all know that the stars earn millions, but what about the thousands of ordinary working actors?

As I watched, the hosts of Acting 101 interviewed a range of ordinary working actors (some union, some not), and they each revealed how much they were earning at their current jobs. Here’s a summary:

Film Extra: $50 – 150/day
Stand-in: $100 - $250/day
Theme park: $150/day
Convention work: $150 – $250/day ($225 - $300 if you demonstrate products)
Voice over: $125 for first hour, $75 each additional hour (more for national or regional commercials).
Stunts: $300/day for non-union; $596 for union.
Product narration: $400/day.
Off Broadway Theater (very tough to get): $450 - $550/week.

I wish you each the best of luck in your acting career.

-Chad Gracia
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