teacup. (myrags) wrote in stanislavskian,

New Educational Blog

Hey everybody! I'm new here. I'm posting to let you know about a blog I've created to help students of drama & theatre studies. On it I talk about plays and practitioners, explain words and phrases, give essay tips and comment on recent drama-related news and topics. The difference is that I welcome requests for topics to write about. Essentially, I want readers to tell me what they need help with, and I'll try my hardest to write about it in a way that answers their questions. My main aim is to help in any way I can!

This is a fairly new blog and I'm just trying to find people who may be interested in it. If you are, please 'follow' me, bookmark it or leave a comment. If you have your own blog, send me the link! :)

I hope it's alright to post the link here (click on the photo to take you to the blog). If not, please delete this post!

New Blog

Thanks, I hope you find this useful. :)
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